Grabbing the attention of her peers with her motivational words, unique style and fearless imaginative mind through social media networks. In September 11th 2017, she made a motivational video with her catch phrase GoGetTheMoneyy that provided encouragement, love, dedication and empowered the people. That video was a start of series of videos to come. Later that year, November 22nd 2017 GGTM LLC was born. Owned and operated by Brionna Atkins

GoGetTheMoneyy ( GGTM) promotes a natural inclination to dedicate your willpower and have the courage to manifest your dreams. Having more mindset than experience Brionna Atkins with her imaginative talents begin creating custom fashion forward one of one unique pieces. Providing affordable luxury to our customers, we encourage and admire determination to keep achieving dreams. With the vision Brionna Atkins will reach local and national recognition. Through hard work consistently pleasing customers Brionna Atkins built her brand from the ground up. Navigating through obstacles and being optimistic she prioritized improving her craft. While building business reputation and staying assertive. Brionna has gained supporters, Her motivational fashion outlet gives her clientele confidence to activate action to accomplish what you yearn for.

Love will always be light choose happiness and peace to live a meaningful life
Brionna Atkins

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