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A Poetic Ode to Light

A Poetic Ode to Light

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A Poetic Ode to Light


Welcome to the second installment of our exclusive lighter collectible series. This collection is a tribute to our dedicated fans and supporters who appreciate the artistry of fire and light. Each lighter in this series is meticulously crafted to be a unique piece for your collection.


Once this limited edition collection is sold out, it will be your last chance to own a piece of this particular series. We assure you, there won't be a rerun of these exquisite lighters, making them even more special and sought-after among collectors.


Immerse yourself in the beauty of Imperial Ignition, where every flick of a lighter ignites a new poetic chapter in your journey as a collector.


  • Bic Lighter Wrap Custom
  • Waterproof Labels
  • Wraps around complete round area of lighter
  •  BIC Classic Full-Size Pocket Lighters
  •  Made with pure isobutane fuel, with up to 3,000 lights per lighter
  •  Each pocket lighter is child-resistant, provides a steady flame, and is safe even when used at a 45-degree angle
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